ePortfolio workshop for High School Educators

As I prepare for the workshop I think about how I can combine pedagogy with technology. I am not sure if my audience wants more technology or more pedagogy. I will find out soon since the workshop is on Thursday. It has been good to work on WordPress because it gives me ideas of how I will teach the Spring semester’s courses in this platform. I have also reflected on my own portfolio as it lacks multimedia. Voice and visuals are the best combination and I find that I need more voice enhanced videos. What sparked this reflection? Well I clicked on a link from Helen Barrett’s site of how an elementary school teacher is using VoiceThread as a Digital Portfolio for her students. I saw one of the videos and I realized that voice coupled with visuals are so powerful. I am actually planning on using VoiceThread this semester with my online students. I hope I have as much success as the elementary school teacher.

As I was reading in elearnmag “Why Should Educators Blog? Reflective Writing Can Positively Affect Teaching”, I agree with Michelle Everson that if I don’t blog I forget what worked and what didn’t work. So as part of my blog I will keep an online journal of my teaching methods to all constituents to help me remember my best practices.


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