I just began a course on ePortfolios for the local Workforce development board. It is a dynamic class full of interested individuals looking for work and different ways to market themselves. They will be creating ePortfolios. We discussed LinkedIn briefly in our last class and I want to revisit this issue. I think LinkedIn is very useful but I have not tapped into the strength of LinkedIn. One of my students shared this ebook, How to Really Use LinkedIn, with me that I am reading through now to reap the benefits of LinkedIn. I have created a group in LinkedIn for this course and I think that the participants and myself will find it useful to keep our discussions going.

Networking, the author discusses, works for both people involved. Both parties need to get something from the relationship, so we need to offer something in return for a job lead to the other person. Asking indirect questions was also an excellent point. I am always struggling with how to network and do it well and the author gives some excellent examples of questions to ask when looking for work. In my brief perusal this book seems like it has a lot to offer. I will write more as I read more….


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