ePortfolio Student Samples and Online Coursework

Below are sample student ePortfolios. For more information go to the SUNY Broome BIT ePortfolio site.

Ciara Cable, Web Design Student
Theresa Hogan, former Web Design Student
James McQueen, former Web Design Student
Matthew Williams, Civil Engineering Student
Steve Sanyshyn, former Civil Engineering Student
These samples have spanned the three and a half years of the Perkins IV Career and Technical Act grant for the Technology Careers Program. You will see the varying levels of expertise. It has been great to see the students blossom and benefit from the programs. The students featured have secured employment or continued their education.
BIT 106 Electronic Portfolios Course
This course is open to all Broome Community College students though it is offered through it is offered through the Business Information Technology department. Please view the course description here. Information about the syllabus and rubrics are located here.
Video tutorial on how to insert your biography into WordPress. I used Camtasia Studio to produce this video and uploaded it to YouTube. I enjoyed making this video and the students have informed me that it was helpful to them.. I created a number of additional videos for my online course see a few links below.



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