I received my Master’s in International Education with a concentration in South Asian Studies at New York University. I completed all courses for a Social Studies certification in NYS. I had wonderful professors that devoted their time to my educational and theoretical pursuits. I participated in a fellowship program at the NYU Metrocenter that enabled me to tutor ESL South Asian and Asian students from Bangladesh and China. This program paid for my tuition and provided me with invaluable experience about the immigrant population in the Lower East Side of Manhattan at the time.
I received my Bachelor’s in English Literature at Binghamton University. I enjoyed spending my time studying in upstate NY with engaging professors and a diverse student body. In my senior year I spent my time reading about Deconstruction as it relates to colonial literature.
I spent three and a half years studying at BU with a semester abroad in Aarhus, Denmark. In Denmark I continued my field of study at the University of Aarhus. It was an excellent experience where I learned some Danish as well as interacting with superb English Literature professors. I enjoyed traveling in Europe during our breaks and throughout the summer.

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