Junior Achievement

I volunteered as a Junior Achievement Business Partner as a GBEOP board member to read to Whitney Point Elementary school Kindergarten students about the importance of financial literacy. It was a fun experience to sit with the students for 5 weeks, once a week. The students benefited from the activities and the teacher included the themes into her curriculum. One of my first visits included drawing your favorite animal, which was a fun exercise. Here is what I drew for the exercise. The students enjoyed my visits and looked forward to seeing me once a week. It was great to see their interest in financial literacy. I look forward to volunteering again. Read the article, GBEOP Expands Junior Achievement to 41 classrooms in Broome County, page 17 of the Greater Binghamton Chamber Report.
Grant Evaluator
I volunteered to be a reviewer for the 2010 HP EdTech Innovator Awards, sponsored by Hewlett Packard and New Media Consortium. I enjoyed reviewing and evaluating seven innovative proposals. The process gave me some insight into how grant proposals are reviewed.
I participated in Broomescape an environmental program to assist Broome Community College in beautifying the landscape of the college. It was fun to weed, dig up rocks and plant flowers. Beyond the one day affair I assisted during the summer to do weeding. Since I do not  have a garden of my own it was great to learn about composting and how much we rely on rain to help our crops grow. Binghamton, NY does get a lot of rainfall per year but this summer had some dry days where we needed the assistance of our maintenance workers to water the plants.

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